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The Fruits of Our Labour, The Key to Your Success

Welcome to TanTech. We are a Multi-Faceted IT Reseller, a One-Stop-Shop for all your IT Requirements. We set our standards really high in Tangerine, just like you do in your business. We are not your supplier; we are your Business Partner. Let us grow together and let us WIN together !

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Our team of highly qualified and experienced technical consultants is dedicated to providing a leading edge cost effective IT solution on a one to one basis. We specialize in total cost of ownership management, project management, budget planning and investment mapping.

Desktop Support

Changing work practices mean employees expect the ability to use their lap tops and desktops in ever more fluid environments. The optimisation and security of these devices is what makes the difference between smooth efficient business operations and problematic or critical issues. With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, we’ve developed systems using best of breed imaging and deployment tools to deliver a secure user friendly environment. By completing installations with minimum disruption to end users we can ensure you never lose time or money because of IT changes. In addition, we can work with users to procure devices suited to their specific business applications while meeting company budgetary guidelines. Teams may have quite detailed individual requirements depending on their roles within the organisation. We take the time to engage with them to understand these and to tailor systems where necessary.

Network Services

TanTech has extensive network service that designs and deploys networking skills, knowledge, and experience. We work with all sizes of business, and all types of cabling and wireless project - from the very simple to highly complex. We partner with world class vendors who provide cabling infrastructure to fit many applications across a wide range of markets.


A fundamental part of our services is our excellent help desk. Our philosophy is to be open and helpful and to see help desk support as another opportunity to engage with our customers. So when you call us we won’t put you through numerous departments before we even categorise your issue, we’ll simply help you. You’ll come to know our team over time and realise that we not only pride ourselves on our technical knowledge but the company has a customer focused mind set. So whether you prefer emailing us or calling us, we will respond quickly and with a positive friendly attitude. Our engineers are well trained with years of experience dealing with many different technologies leading to fast, efficient resolution to all issues.

Our Story

Forget about us. Tangerine Technology is about YOU. With a 15 year fantastic track record behind us we know what it takes to get the best out of your IT investment. Times are tough, money is tight. That's where we come in. Whether it's a Complete Network Face-lift or Round the Clock Support, talk to Tangerine Technology. The Fruits of Our Labour are The Key to Your Success !

We have one here in stock for demo or eval if youre interested. The new Lenovo P1

Hi guys, we don't use Twitter anymore so for any updates please head over to our Facebook page or call us on 044 9 312 312

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